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A subreddit for information and discussions related to the I2P anonymous network. Visit to download I2P.

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Whats going on with this bitcoin bounty. I've been told its impossible with bitcoin and the bounty is over €1000.00. Maybe the bounty could be used to create a new I2p bitcoin??

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I2p bitcoin darknet exchange

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Will Umbra and particl differ in terms of features? How will you ensure particl will not become the "ultimate version of silkroad"?

To me the switch from the ShadowProject to particl looks mostly like a rebrand. Are there any plans to add or to delete any feature which were promised to be in Umbra? Or is your development roadmap more or less the same?
I have another question. On you website you claim
To get right to the point, Particl is being built with protection to ensure the market does not become an ultimate version of silk road.
Actually for me the ShadowProject looked like it had the aim to become the ultimate version the silkroad from the beginning. You even named it ShadowCash! You are combining PGP, TOI2p, Bitcoin and Silkroad in one application. How will this not be the ultimate version of Silkroad? Which unnamed protections will you build in so it will not become the ultimate silkroad? Will there be any kind of censorship or access for LEOs? I saw the ShadowProject to become the successcor of all the current DarknetMarkets. For me this was the main reason to invest actually.
Thank you in advance for answering!
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Will OpenBazaar be able to run over I2P any time soon?

I'm not really seeing what obstacles there are - having the ability to run OB through I2P might be better than trying to make it compatible with Tor, there's now an I2P bitcoin client, I2P users are all nodes, meaning the more people are connected the better the network gets (same as OpenBazaar, really) etc.
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Would you be willing to use decentralized anonymous networks like TOR, I2P, FreeNet, Bitcoin, OpenBazaar etc. for traditional business?

Many people aren't aware of available darknet resources and their benefits. It would be interesting to know if people here would consider trying these networks with clients or coworkers.
Using darknet resources gives you all the benefits that confidentiality gives when it's established between a business owner and his/her clients.

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Bitcoin full node on i2p is better then Tor

I've seen little enthusiasm for running full nodes on i2p compared to running them on Tor, even though i2p is truly decentralized by continuously profiling and ranking performance of peers unlike Tor which uses a centralized trusted directory service to route data. If 5 of the 9 hardcoded relay directory authorities were to be taken down (3 of them are in the US and 2 are in Germany), consensus would be impossible. Users would then be forced to update to a new version of Tor with an updated list of directory authorities, but the same thing could happen again.
Why hasn't there been more discussion about i2p support?
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I2P native bitcoin client?

There's a bounty for an i2p native bitcoin client:
Apparently, the bounty has been paid out. However, I wasn't able to find the code. Has it been released yet? If so, where might I find it?
Thanks !
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Bitcoin has a I2p darknet/deepnet port - proxy clearnet link to - git.repo.i2p - a I2p .eepsite

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Anyone knows of Tor/I2P variants of - In general, buying bitcoins anonymously

So I saw this article on CoinDesk, about the EU legal crackdown on acquiring bitcoin:
This paints a dark future for Bitcoin and an existential threat to the relative privacy it offers (Eu being just an example), because even if coins are mixed, it will be possible from a point to track how much a person buys or sells. Exchanges are already gagged. I can easily envision all ATM operators being forced to scan IDs and palms (some already are in the US). Maybe from one point even LocalBitcoins-like sites won't allow registrations without full verification.
This brought me to the idea of this.. in case all the above become true, what options will be left to turn traditional money into bitcoin anonymously? If things continue this way, no matter how untrustworthy a Tor hidden service can be, people will be willing to trade on a .onion replacement of LocalBitcoins.
Do you know whether something like that already exists? What other options are available for buying, and maybe selling bitcoin totally anonymously?
Or will we be reduced to seeking strange dealer characters on the dark corner of the street, who sell crypto with greater caution than selling drugs?
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[OP Pink Brain Storm] Planting Seeds - Evolve Beyond their Reach - Ubuntu, Tor, Bitcoin and I2P

Following on from this proposal by TyphonWind
Evolve Beyond their Reach Seed 0
Step 0:
Step 1: Ubuntu
Ubuntu is more a gateway drug into the GNU/Linux world. It is more free-as-in-freedom than being enslaved to Microsoft or Apple; but by itself, you still lack some control over your machine. It is wise to know the limitations of Ubuntu - fix the privacy leaks and harden the default security. When you're ready, you can explore other open source communities. But Ubuntu is still valuable in that it is stable and makes it easy to try out.
Other distros to consider
Step 2: Tor Browser Bundle
Step 3: Bitcoin
Step 4: I2P
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Bitcoin without a dense network of full nodes & miners running in people's homes over Tor/I2P cannot resist governments any more than Napster could. Discuss.

ToI2P may not even be enough. It will likely need to be very difficult even for governments who monitor network traffic to figure out who is running a full node.
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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: i2p bandwidth too limited to support EOS network? /r/i2p

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Bitcoin full node on i2p is better then Tor /r/Bitcoin

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Cryptostorm VPN Unites White and Dark Webs: Natively supports access to Bitcoin-powered Namecoin (.bit), Tor (.onion), and I2P (.i2p) websites

Cryptostorm VPN Unites White and Dark Webs: Natively supports access to Bitcoin-powered Namecoin (.bit), Tor (.onion), and I2P (.i2p) websites submitted by eragmus to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

BitCoin on I2P

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Official ColossusXT Q2 2020 AMA!

Official ColossusXT Q2 2020 AMA!
Welcome to the 10th official ColossusXT AMA! As we move into the 2nd half of 2020 we can look back and see how blockchain as a whole is moving forward, and we've seen how COVID-19 has affected the world globally. It's been interesting to hear from the community how it has affected everyone all over the world. Certainly ColossusXT has been affected along with many other blockchain projects, but since the entire team has been working remotely from all of the world from the start, the affect directly to us has been minimal.
Moving forward into 2020 we will be updating the roadmap, providing more social activities for the community to participate in, as many have participated in the Armis beta, and helping us resolve some bugs within the mobile wallet which is back up and running thanks to many of the dedicated community members. We will be listed on, and will continue to bring alternative trading opportunities to the community, if there are certain exchanges you're interested in please don't hesitate to shout them at us here, and shout ColossusXT #COLX $COLX on social media. 2020 is sure to be an exciting year and we look forward to your questions. This is your opportunity to publicly gripe at us, or ask us any direct question about development, business, and/or financial progress of ColossusXT and the Colossus Grid.

This AMA will start on 10 June and end on 30 June.
The team will review and answer your questions no later than 10 July.
Before the AMA begins, everyone from the community can ask questions on this page and upvote/downvote according to your interest.
Please do not reply to other user's questions until the team has answered. Try to be precise with your questions and be polite.
Contest: One person who asks a question will be chosen to receive 100,000 ColossusXT (COLX) and a ColossusXT T-Shirt!

ColossusXT (COLX) Ask Me Anything

ColossusXT AMA Shirt
About ColossusXT (COLX):
ColossusXT is an open source, community-driven, environmentally conscious cryptocurrency and an alternative to bitcoin that features better anonymity. It allows people to store and invest their wealth in a non-government controlled currency and make almost instantaneous and completely anonymous transfers with close to zero fees. Colossuscoin V1 was founded as an long-standing, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly digital cryptocurrency and this concept is being continued.
Question format can be seen below:
Q: What is the Colossus Grid?
A: ColossusXT is an anonymous blockchain through obfuscation, along with utilization of Armis (I2P). These features will protect end user privacy as ColossusXT evolves into the Colossus Grid. The Colossus Grid will connect devices in a peer-to-peer network enabling users and applications to rent the cycles and storage of other users’ machines. This marketplace of computing power and storage will exclusively run on COLX currency. These resources will be used to complete tasks requiring any amount of computation time and capacity, or allow end users to store data anonymously across the COLX decentralized network. Today, such resources are supplied by entities such as centralized cloud providers which are constrained by closed networks, proprietary payment systems, and hard-coded provisioning operations. Any user ranging from a single PC owner to a large data center can share resources through Colossus Grid and get paid in COLX for their contributions. Renters of computing power or storage space, on the other hand, may do so at low prices compared to the usual market prices because they are only using resources that already exist.
Q: Why does your blockchain exist and what makes it unique?
A: ColossusXT exists to provide an energy efficient method of supercomputing. ColossusXT is unique in many ways. Some coins have 1 layer of privacy. ColossusXT and the Colossus Grid will utilize 2 layers of privacy through obfuscation, and Armis (I2P) these will protect users of the Colossus Grid as they utilize grid resources. There are also Masternodes and Proof of Stake which both can contribute to reducing 51% attacks, along with instant transactions and zero-fee transactions. This protection is paramount as ColossusXT evolves into the Colossus Grid. Grid Computing will have a pivotal role throughout the world, and what this means is that users will begin to experience the Internet as a seamless computational universe. Software applications, databases, sensors, video and audio streams-all will be reborn as services that live in cyberspace, assembling and reassembling themselves on the fly to meet the tasks at hand. Once plugged into the grid, a desktop machine will draw computational horsepower from all the other computers on the grid.
Important Information:
Business Plan
What is ColossusXT? (YouTube)
Follow ColossusXT on:
Interested in joining the ColossusXT team?
Contribute an Idea!
AMA History:
2018 Q1 2018 Q2 2018 Q3 2018 Q4
2019 Q1 2019 Q2 2019 Q3 2019 Q4
2020 Q1
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Anyone know of any Bitcoin markets on I2P? If not, I'd definitely use one if it opened up

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AnonCoin:El “bitcoin” de I2P

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07-21 19:07 - 'Hey scoobsandscoobs! Take a look at VERGE (XVG) at for an anonymous I2P and TOR based cryptocurrency.' by /u/FrankRizz0 removed from /r/Bitcoin within 61-66min

Hey scoobsandscoobs! Take a look at VERGE (XVG) at for an anonymous I2P and TOR based cryptocurrency.
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Author: FrankRizz0
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Anyone knows of Tor/I2P variants of - In general, buying bitcoins anonymously /r/Bitcoin

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Big question: Why isn't Bitcoin integrating I2P or Tor? (archive since original was censored by default).

Big question: Why isn't Bitcoin integrating I2P or Tor? (archive since original was censored by default). submitted by question4224 to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

BTDigg, the totally unique DHT-scraping torrent search engine (that's unlike any you've used before) accepts donations in Bitcoin! And they also host hidden mirrors on Tor and I2P!

BTDigg, the totally unique DHT-scraping torrent search engine (that's unlike any you've used before) accepts donations in Bitcoin! And they also host hidden mirrors on Tor and I2P! submitted by sapiophile to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

I2P alternativ zu TOR Getting On and Browsing The Deep Dark Web - YouTube LA DEEP WEB EN 2 MINUTOS 15301$ Bitcoin taumelt SIA, Verge fliegen QTUM gleich noch mal? How does a blockchain work - Simply Explained

6. Click Start and navigate to the I2P shortcuts menu and click on Start I2P. The I2P software will now start. Quickly followed by this I2P’s web interface will open together with your default browser. 7. At now it takes I2P several minutes to initialize and find the required connections to other participants within the network. TA market for trading bitcoins that runs on the i2p anonymous network. Notice - While this exchange appears to technically be functional, there does not appear to be any open orders nor any trading activity.. The objective of the Bitcoin Exchange is to provide a convenient electronic exchange to facilitate the buying and selling of commodities in complete anonymity where no transaction is Then full support of I2P could be a future bitcoin internal width enhancement since I2P is popular. You mean foo.i2p -> base32.b32.i2p? Yes, but you can still enter the full URI form... no resolution. I think Phantom (and Tor/I2P+OnionCat) will be ok via additional -externalip=6addr arguments for inbound. The first I2P convention was held in Toronto, Ontario. The conference was hosted by a local hackerspace, Hacklab. The conference featured presentations from I2P developers security researchers. While I2P is a fantastic network, there is definitely one thing it lacks when compared to Tor: a purpose-built browser. While Tor users are given the gift of the Tor Browser, I2P users are forced to scavenge for a browser and add-ons that fit their security and anonymity needs. Fortunately, with just a few tweaks the Tor Browser can be

[index] [1445] [17907] [29169] [16116] [2274] [4506] [25457] [29487] [19352] [14456]

I2P alternativ zu TOR

A darknet market or cryptomarket is a commercial website on the web that operates via darknets such as Tor or I2P. ... How to buy Bitcoin for Beginners - Duration: 14:04. Caleb Curry Recommended ... 👉 SUSCRÍBETE al canal Si te gustó el video clavale un 👍 📺 Continuamos probando las redes de anonimato que forman parte de la deepweb ... Video #7 The I2P Network by Jason Hilton. 8:35. ... by Jason Hilton. 10:51. Video #9 - Instantly Buy Bitcoin Using Debit or Credit Card by Jason Hilton. 5:59. Video #10 Anonymity and Security on ... #deepweb #torbrowser #I2P #tor #tails #darkweb #deepweb #bitcoins #webprofunda #darkweb #hacking #hackers Un video en el que resumo en 2 minutos lo que es la DeepWeb, así como sus formas para ... The Invisible Internet Project (I2P), FreeNET, and Alternative Domain Names (like Name.Space and OpenNic) are examples of networks leveraged by bad actors to host malware, high-resilient botnets ...

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