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This command simply says to import the public key certificate of key having alias 'keystore1' which is in the file keystore1.cer to the keystore 'wookieKeystore.jks'. Now any signature generated using the private key of keystore1 aliased key pair, can be properly validated using wookieKeystore.jks. Not entirely made clear elsewhere: convert your java keystore to the newer PKS12 format, instead of the older format. And then you can much more robustly deal with moving private keys around. keytool works fine with keystores in PKS12 format thereafter. Import a root or intermediate CA certificate to an existing Java keystore: keytool -import -trustcacerts -alias root -file ca_geotrust_global.pem -keystore yourkeystore.jks keytool -import -trustcacerts -alias root -file intermediate_rapidssl.pem -keystore yourkeystore.jks Combine the certificate and private key into one file before importing. If you sent the private key to anybody else you have fatally compromised it. It appears from the fact that they didn't return it that they didn't need it in the first place. In any case all you need to do now is import the renewed certificates back into the original JKS keystore which already has the private key. But you really need to re-key. Yes, you did keytool genkey in the file server.jks so that file contains your private key. What you need to do is, first add your cert (chain) to the JKS, THEN convert the JKS to "PFX". The p7b by itself does not contain sufficient information.

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How to Backup Your Private Key with Trust Wallet

Step By Step Tutorial about creating keystore JKS File using Java Keytool and how to export certificate from JKS file using Keytool Export Command. To know how to generate Self Signed Certificate ... How to Generate Key Store Using Key Tool and Export Public Certificate from JKS File - Duration: 5:31. Tutorials Pedia 5,698 views. 5:31. How to download certificates issued by Odette CA and install them into Keystore Explorer. ... Import your Certificate into Windows Keystore - Duration: 3:31. Odette Inter 43,123 views. Odette CA - How-to import a certificate and the private key into the Windows keystore. Import keys to p12 File pkcs12 -export -out name-public-private-keys.p12 -inkey name-private-key.txt -in name-public-key.cer 4. Create Keystore: keytool -importkeystore -srckeystore name-public ...

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